Technical Data

Galvanized Overheadshield Wire

Galvanized Overheadshield Wire

Application:             For ACSR, Ground Wire, Suspension Bracket, Communication Cable, Stay Wire.


Diameter:                     1.57mm; 1.8mm; 2.0mm, 2.3mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm; 3.5mm; 4.0mm


Structure:                   1*3; 1*7; 1*19; 1*37


Standard:               GB/T 3428; YB/T 5004,ASTM A 475, ASTM A 363, ASTM B 498, JIS G 3537, KS D 7007


Tensile Strength:      1350Mpa; 1550Mpa; 1770Mpa; 2050Mpa; 2150Mpa


Zinc Coating:              30g/m2; 50g/m2; 100g/m2; 150g/m2; 200g/m2; 250g/m2; 300g/m2 360g/m2; 400g/m2;

                                  420g/m2; 480g/m2; 500g/m2; 550g/m2

 Quality Control:  Total quality control. Every pieces of the raw material; semi-finished products and finished products are tested and recorded in file. The tracking record is used from final products to the very first beginning raw material steel factories.